Soon set to enter the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the NWO, Kevin Nash has revealed that he is done with professional wrestling, announcing his retirement from professional wrest;ing. Nash, a former WWE Champion, last wrestled in 2018 although he continued to make sporadic appearances with different promotions Also Read - WWE Survivor Series 2020 Results: Roman Reigns Beats Drew McIntyre, Undertaker Gets His Final Farewell

“How after wrestling once in 2 years as a favor is it news I’m retired?” Nast wrote on Twitter. “I had a knee replacement and stem cell therapy to heal my wounds. Now I’m in the best physical shape as far as function than I’ve been since 1986 when I destroyed my right knee. I worked 29 years on one leg.” Also Read - Petrol, Diesel Prices Rise for Third Straight Day

However, the 60-year-old has announced that he has retired, while mentioning that he is in the best physical shape since 1986. Nash has had a 30-year-long history of troubled knee which he addressed by undergoing a surgery on his right knee, which was a success. Since, Nash has turned a new leaf, intaking new and improved diet and hitting the gym regularly. Also Read - Petrol, Diesel Prices Increase in Delhi After Nearly Two-month Break

“The reason I retired was I was deformed and basically crippled. This knee replacement and 2 years of rehab and training has been brutal. Just get my hips to realign was incredibly painful. To the haters f*ck off To those that have championed my recovery I send my thanks and love.”

Nash made his WWE debut in 1992-93 as part of Two Dudes With Attitude with Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. He rose to fame with his character Diesel, and won the Intercontinental, tag-team and the WWE Championships before departing to rival promotion WCW (World Championship Wrestling). During his time in the WWE, he formed the famous backstage group The Kliq, composed with Scott Hall, Michaels, Triple H (Paul Levesque) and Sean Waltman (better known as X-Pac).

That’s where he found the most success performing under his own name as part of the NWO with Scott Hall and Hollywood Hulk Hogan, a faction that went on to dominate the next five years and ignited the Monday Night Wars during the Attitude Era. He returned to the WWE when WCW went out of business and was involved in a few engaging feuds with Triple H and Chris Jericho.

Nash left the WWE at the end of 2003 to join TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) where he served sporadically till 2011. The same year, he returned to the WWE causing CM Punk the WWE Championship at Summerslam before going on to once again feud with Triple H at WWE TLC.