It’s been a busy week for Justin Bieber with the release of his new chart-topping single “Yummy” and a Monday night Instagram post that was highlighted by a John Cena appearance.

The meme features a cropped photo of the Canadian performer from a recent unicycle fall that’s been reframed as a top-rope splash directed at the former WWE Champion. The picture was used on a number of posts in the recording artist’s feed.


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The Cenation Leader quickly fired back.

Cena has been off WWE for a while and in fact, 2019 was the first year since 2002, that Cena did not feature in a pay-per-view match. However, he made a cameo appearance in Wrestlemania 35 donning his old gimmick of Doctor of Thugonomics.

With Wrestlemania 36 fast approaching, there are speculations over his role in the event.

He recently told the Belfast Telegraph: ‘I hope they always view me as a member of the WWE, because I am. Whether it’s watching the events or being able to participate, any chance I’m given to answer this question, WWE is my family.

‘It’s weird that the culture is, you either do this or you do that, and for 20 years I’ve been trying to tell people, “No, it’s all really cool”. So I don’t ever want to not be known as a WWE superstar.’