Matt Hardy confronted Randy Orton on WWE RAW on the apex predator’s attack on Edge last week and was brutally attacked. Hardy arrived, demanding answers for the man with whom he made history and went through hell, as both hungry up-and-comers and bitter rivals. In response, Orton dropped Hardy with an RKO after a brief scrap and administered a one man Con-Chair-To to the former Raw Tag Team Champion in an echo of his attack on Edge. Also Read - Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard Found Dead on Los Angeles Beach

Hardy who has been on and off WWE programming then tweeted a photo of his with a simple caption ‘Goodbye’ and speculations were rife that that’s the end of the road for the veteran, But, all those Matt Hardy fans, especially, the Broken/Woken Matt Hardy gimmick, there’s nothing simple about Hardy or his storytelling, Alongside the tweet was the latest episode of FREE THE DELETE – episode 9. Also Read - Former WWE Champion John Cena Pays Tribute to Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor With Cryptic Posts on Instagram

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Hardy has been quite successful with creating a parallel universe storyline with his Woken gimmick, which was the Broken Matt Hardy in TNA – a huge success – reviving Hardy’s career and it seems he is taking the wrestling fans to a fun ride yet again.

He also took to Instagram with a cryptic message, a quote from the largely popular and cult hit crime drama mystery Dexter.

“Everyone wants an Argentina, a place where the slate is wiped clean. But the truth is Argentina, is just Argentina. No matter where we go we take ourselves and our damage, with us. So is home the place we run to, or is it the place we run from? Only to hide out in places where we’re accepted, unconditionally, places that feel more like home to us. Because we can finally be who we are…” Dexter Morgan.

Make what you want of it as Hardy runs with his storyline, But, one thing is for sure – this ain’t no goodbye by Version 1 – as of yet.