Following Roman Reigns’ pull-out from his WrestleMania match against Goldberg, the WWE announced Braun Strowman as a new No. 1 contender for Goldberg’s Universal title. With WWE without one of their biggest stars, the window opens for Strowman to win his third title on the WWE main roster since becoming part of it in 2015. Also Read - Smackdown Celebrates Triple H's 25 Years in WWE

Strowman has won the tag team title and very recently the Intercontinental title before losing it back to Sami Zayn. The Monster Among Men has in the past been in the Universal title picture against the likes of Brock Lesnar and Reigns himself, but was never able to get over the line. Also Read - WWE SmackDown Results: Braun Strowman Paid Surprise Visit By an Old Friend

The Fiend Bray Wyatt tried to get inside the head of John Cena, and truth be told, could have very well managed to do so after playing Mind Games with the 16-time World Champion. After Cena promised to embarrass The Fiend, he was interrupted by members of the Firefly Fun House. Appearing in different corners of the Performance Center, Rambling Rabbit, Huskus The Pig Boy, Mercy The Buzzard and Abby The Witch said Cena will be left playing with them once Wyatt is done with them. Also Read - WWE Smackdown Results: Goldberg, Roman Reigns Make WrestleMania Universal Title Match Official

Suddenly, The Fiend appeared high above the ring, and the very next moment, Wyatt emerged behind Cena with a haunting “Let Me In”. Before Cena could realise, the lights went out and Wyatt was nowhere to be seen.

Ahead of their Smackdown tag-team title match, The Miz and John Morrison, the New Day and The Usos got into a brawl after a war of words got out of hands. In the end, it were the reigning tag-team champions who were left standing and as both men climbed the top of the ladders, they ensured the sight will repeat at WrestleMania.

The truth about Mandy Rose and Otis’ Valentine’s Day gone wrong was finally revealed and as it turns out, it was Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler, who plotted the whole things to disrupt things between Mandy and Otis. After Ziggler’s match with Tucker ended in a disqualification with a Zig Zag on the steel steps, the Showoff threatened to ram a steel chair against the Heavy Machinery member. Just then Mandy and Deville walked out, simultaneously with Otis, who rushed out in aid of his partner.

Just then, out of nowhere, on the screen an unknown figure appeared on TitanTron and revealed ‘The Truth’ via a video. It was Deville who send Otis a text through Mandy’s phone, saying she will be late and later deleted the texts to leave no evidence. The video also revealed that she had conspired with Ziggler over the whole thing. The shocking news not only sent Mandy storming off, but it will surely fuel the fire when Otis battles The Showoff at WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan faced Shinsuke Nakamura before his Intercontinental title match against Zayn, which ended in a disqualification when Cesaro interfered. After taking out Drew Gulak, Nakamura, Cesaro and Zayn delivered The Kinshasa, Neutralizer and The Helluva Kick to lay the Leader of Yes Movement out flat in the ring.