Hall of Famer Goldberg had the final laugh before his match against The Fiend Bray Wyatt at WWE Super Showdown next Thursday. Goldberg made his appearance on Smackdown, mouthing words at the fiend, only to be interrupted by the Firefly Fun House. After introducing his friends – Ramblin Rabbit, Husky The Pig, Mercy the Buzzard and Abby the Witch – Wyatt said there was a special someone who’d been longing to meet Goldberg. Also Read - WWE RAW Results Today: Bobby Lashley Defeats The Miz to Become New WWE Champion; Braun Strowman Loses Tag Team Championship Match

The lights went off, and Goldberg turned around to find The Fiend on the far end of the ring. It didn’t take long for the face-off turn physical as Goldberg flattened The Fiend with a spear. The former WCW champions positioned himself for what looked like to be another spear, but the lights went off and The Fiend disappeared with his laugh resonating through the arena Also Read - WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Full Results: The Miz Wins WWE Championship, Roman Reigns Retains Universal Championship

The Usos kicked off the show with a stern warning to every other tag team – they were here to capture the WWE tag tiles. Jimmy and Jey teamed up with the New Day to take on Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison and the Miz in an eight-man tag-match. Jey managed to reverse the Glorious DDT into a Superkick to pick up the victory, followed by The Usos celebrating it with the New Day. Also Read - WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Full Results And Match Updates: Edge Wins Men's Rumble

But perhaps the match of the night was the Symphony of Destruction match between the team of Elias and Braun Strowman taking on Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. The match was similar to a No-Holds Barred match, only the weapons to be used were musical instruments. The match saw the use of a kickdrum, double bass violin, keyboard, guitar, piano, Ukulele and a gong, to name a few, all being effectively used through the course of the match.

Nakamura took out the gong with a Kinshasa, before Elias broke a guitar on the back of Cesaro. With Elias going for an elbow drop to Cesaro through the table, Strowman on the outside, delivered a running Powerslam to Nakamura on the piano from the announce table. The Piano did not break but the Monster Among Men surely picked up the win.

Tucker confronted Mandy Rose for breaking Otis’ heart. Mandy explained herself, saying the only reason she hung out with Dolph Ziggler was because Otis was a no-show. Tucker said the reason behind Otis turning up late because of a text he received from Mandy that she was running late, to which she and Sonya Deville looked puzzled.

In the Smackdown women’s division, Naomi will face champion Bayley at Super Showdown after beating Carmella in a No. 1 contender’s match.