For the first time in its two-decade-long history, WWE Smackdown emanated from the Performance Center – without a crowd in attendance – in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, the show managed to continue the build-up to WrestleMania 36. Jeff Hardy made his return after almost a year off nursing an injured knee and made a winning comeback defeating King Corbin in a short, entertaining match.Also Read - Roman Reigns Speaks Ahead of WWE Crown Jewel

Hardy was attacked even before the bell rang by Corbin but the Charismatic Enigma regrouped to land the Twist of Fury, followed by the Swanton Bomb to score the pinfall. But it wasn’t before Elias caused a distraction at the commentary table. Sitting next to Michael Cole and Triple H, Elias got up in the middle of the match and began playing the guitar. With half of Corbin’s attention towards Elias, Hardy cashed in on the opportunity and picked up the win. Also Read - WATCH: Brock Lesner Slams Former WWE Champion John Cena With German Suplex & F5 Move, Video Goes Viral

John Cena returned for the first time sine agreeing to The Fiend’s WrestleMania challenge, saying it is about time people stopped blaming him for his failures. The 16-time World Champion explained he agreed to Wyatt’s proposal for a match because he knows he isn’t the future and that Cena could take him out of the equation providing platform to the Tommaso Ciampas and the Johnny Gargano’s of the WWE Also Read - John Cena Reveals How He Kept His 'F9' Role a Secret While Filming

He was interrupted by Wyatt from the empty stand ringside, who claimed that his loss to Cena six years ago broke him. It made him listen to the voices in his head before The Fiend helped put him back together. Wyatt said Cena still craved for the spotlight warned the Leader of the Cenation that at WrestleMania, it will be a “slaughter”.

Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak seem to be on their way to making an alliance after the former World champion helped the former Cruiserweight champion fight off Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura. After Bryan defeated Cesaro via a small package, Gulak ran in to rescue his Elimination Chamber opponent but was not able to fight off a three-on-one assault, Bryan then executed a suicide dive to even the odds.

Full Results

– Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss via submission
– Roman Reigns was interviewed in the ring
– Daniel Bryan def. Cesaro via pinfall
– Jeff Hardy def. King Corbin via pinfall
– John Cena was interviewed in the ring to close the show before being interrupted by Bray Wyatt