The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) witnessed a stellar year in 2018- marked with the dramatic return of some superstars. These returning wrestlers had already made a name for themselves in the past but either left the company or had been sidelined by injuries. These stars were met with a huge welcome by the fans at the stadium.

The year was also a revolutionary for the company- WWE announced their first-ever women’s only pay-per-view special ‘Evolution’ to promote their talented divas.

WWE also hosted several pay-per-view shows outside America which were highlighted by special events like ‘The Greatest Royal Rumble’, ‘Super Show Down’ and ‘Crown Jewels’ apart from several other shows across Europe- it was truly a global year for the company.

Several star wrestlers like Braun Strowman and Matt Hardy visited India for promotional activities and to set up a good ground for the company to recruit future WWE superstars from the country, where they enjoy a huge fan base.

As the year comes to an end, the WWE relieved some fond memories of the year by revealing the top ten returns:

The company has witnessed some epic and dramatic comebacks in the past, and this year- clearly, the one which was most appreciated by fans was the return of the high-flying icon, Rey Mysterio.