After ICC suspended Zimbabwe Cricket on Thursday citing that the government in that country interfers in cricket matters, Zimbabwe sports minister Kirsty Coventry has argued that there is no government interference. On Friday, Coventry posted a series of tweets exclaiming her shock at ICC’s decision and clearing the air that the Zimbabwean government does not interfere in the conductions of Zimbabwe Cricket Board (ZCB).

ICC in an official statement, after its Annual Conference in London, had stated, “The ICC Board unanimously decided that the Full Member had failed to fulfill their obligation to provide a process for free and democratic elections and to ensure that there is no government interference in its administration for cricket.”

Earlier, ZCB was suspended by the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC), a governing organization of all the registered sporting bodies in the country which reports directly to Zimbabwe government, after it was found guilty of maladministration. SRC had directed the board to postpone its election after claims of corruptions were raised against them. But ZCB went ahead and conducted its electoral process. Following which the government took the call of suspending ZCB with immediate effect.

This according to the ICC violates its constitution as it doesn’t influence any kind of governmental influence in the administration of cricket in a country. Zimbabwean sports minister, though, begged to differ and said, “SRC is not Government – they are a Public Body.”

Here are all the tweets the sports minister posted on her official handle.

The outcome of her meeting with both the captains has, however, gone unreported. The players have also not had any official statement so far. Amidst this administrational turmoil, on-field Zimbabwe cricket has not had a very soothing time off late, either. In their last cricket assignment which was tour to Europe, they lost all the series. Before losing to Netherlands, they succumbed to defeat against Ireland. In the entire tour they managed to win a lone T20 outing.