Google launched their Allo smartphone app recently and the messenger app which hopes to taken on the well established giants like Whatsapp, Hike, Snapchat and others. Goole entered the messenger fray a little late but will it be too ate for Googl? Only time will tell that. However, the one thing Google did with Allo is bringing the best of most of the chat messengers out there. The layout is simple and not too complicated for first time users and at the same time, it packs a ton of features. Google Allo right now is a part of Google Play and can be downloaded from the Playstore if a user so wishes but then, it is unclear if Google will be bundling the app along as a part of their stock Android experience with Pixel to begin with and soon, most Android devices. Also Read - Google's Allo app can reveal your searches to friends: Here's what you should know?

Another thing Google Allo did was introduce the world to Google Assistant, which is Google’s response to Siri and Cortana – albeit a pretty late response.  The app gives a glimpse of the voiced assistant. However, talking of Allo as a messenger app, in today’s times, the only real messenger app which rules smartphones continues to be Whatsapp. Despite their take-over by Facebook, the app is used by billions all over the world and the ever-changing format helps it stay popular. There have been ups and downs in the app’s journey but it has so far managed to stay at the top despite tough competition and multiple other apps evolving for the younger generation. Allo by Google aims to cater not only to the younger crowd but even to even the working class by making sending messages relatively simpler and convenient for the man on the go today. Also Read - Top Android and iOS apps of 2016 you must try before the year goes to dust

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Here are some of the major differences between the Google Allo and Whatsapp:

1. Google Assistant

Google introduced Google Assistant with the launch of Allo. Although this is just a sneak preview of what Google Assistant can do, it does tell us a lot about how it is different. Just like Siri and Cortana, Google Assistant can answer all your queries and do your tasks for you like typing your messages or sending replies, assisting with your searches, etc. It came as quite a surprise when Google launched Google Assistant as a part of Allo as it was completely unexpected. Whatsapp definitely does not have Google Assistant or any assistant though it does use Google’s Voice service to type out messages or you can send a sound recording by recording your voice in Whatsapp.

2. Incognito Mode

Just like Google Chrome, their Allo app also comes with the incognito mode where you can make your conersations completely private. these messages come not only with end-to-end encryption but they are not accessible to anyone but you and the reciever. There’s a whole new level of secret coding and stuff involved and this is sure to send detective story fans into a tizzy. You can even turn of notifications or set special notifications for the incognito mode messages taking the secrecy to a whole new level! It can actually be quite fun to have secret chats with your bestie that only you can figure out!

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3. Gmail Sync

The advantage of having a Google Allo account is that it also syncs with your Gmail and makes certain tasks and sending certain messages a whole lot more easy. You can also access Gmail directly from within Allo and get access to conversations or other details without any hassle.

4. Image Sharing

As opposed to Whatsapp which lets users share only 10 images in one go, Allo lets users share up to 20 media files making sharing a lot more easy and less cumbersome.

5. Timed Messages

With the incognito mode, you get to send timed messages which expire after a certain duration. This means you can send stuff over chat without ever fearing getting caught. We can suddenly see a spike in secret plans and outings away from parent’s prying eyes… The messages can be timed according to your preference from 5 seconds to an hour.

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6. Stickers

Although they seem silly, stickers can make chats a whole lot fun! And, in this emoticon-crazed expressive world, stickers can say a lot more than text ever will. So then, when Whatsapp staunchly denies giving us stickers, Allo went ahead and made us glad!

7. Text Formatting

Now, in Allo, you don’t have to stick to just one font for all your texts. You can ‘whisper’ or ‘shout’ and the text size changes accordingly! So bigger or smaller texts at will! Fun, isn’t it?

8. Search within the App

Searching within the app is easier as you don’t need to close it. Just call upon Google Assistant and your search will bring up results within the app itself! a neat way to do it but it does violate a million privacy concerns.

9. Smart Reply

Here, using Smart Reply, Google gives you options to your answers without needing you to type or think them! It analyses your answers and previous responses and comes up with responses on its own! Although it will take time to get accurate, it can definitely be fun!

10. Image Recognition

Just like Smart Reply, Google Allo will learn your response to images and will read the image to give you the best response. So if your friend is sending you the 100th cute cat pic, Google will see your previous response and will automatically show you, “How Cute” which you can just ask it to send without much hassle. Easy and interesting.

11. No SMS integration

The one really cool thing about Google Allo is that it doesn’t send the message as an SMS if the person you’re sending it to doesn’t have Allo. It does as a part of the app and in the phone UI. The person simply opens it in the notifications bar an responds within the app – all done without SMS charge or the bother to download the app. Pretty cool!

So, have you downloaded the app yet? Let us know!