New Delhi: Cable TV users will now be able to watch more channels at a lower price as the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) issued a new order on January 1. The operators have been told to announce new pricing structure by January 15.”TRAI has examined various provisions in detail and accordingly mandated provision of 200 channels in maximum fee (network capacity fee or NCF) of Rs 130 excluding taxes per month,” a statement said.

“In addition, it has also been decided that channels declared mandatory by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will not be counted in the number of channels in the NCF. DPOs have also been mandated that they will not charge more than Rs 160 per month for giving all channels available on their platform,” the statement said.

Consumers have also highlighted huge charges taken by DPOs in the form of for a multi-TV home. TRAI has decided that in case of the multi-TV home where more than one TV connection is working in a home in the name of one person, will charge maximum 40 per cent of declared NCF for second and additional TV connections. Authority has also permitted DPOs to offer discounts on long term subscriptions which is for 6 months or more, the regulation said.

Right now, DTH or cable TV operators provide only 100 channels for a fee of Rs 153 (Rs 130 excluding taxes) a month.