It’s that time of the year again when you draw chits and are a Secret Santa to someone. But then, what if you got someone who you do not know? Or did you completely forget all about Secret Santa in all those meetings and con-calls? Well, if you’ve waited till the last minute to get your Santee something during Secret Santa, do not fret You can still buy something awesome last minute and completely seem like the best Santa. When it comes to gifts, there are tons of options, but the most common ones are mugs, wallets, purses, perfumes,etc. For the simple fact that people believe Technology gifts to be expensive, they skip them as it does not fit the budget. But then, technology gifts can be the best of all as they are not as expensive as you think, are long lasting and your Santee will thank you for life!

Technology gifts does not mean gifting super expensive smartphones or gadgets nor does it mean going out and buying a sad little phone cover for someone. They can be innovative and cool and really impressive. In modern times, we all use Technology in our lives, in some or the other form. No one is free from it. From the simplest of things to the most complex ones – everything involves technology. People are slowly shifting to living in a virtual era and a virtual world and their life revolves around all gadgets and apps. With so many cool options to choose from, it can get cumbersome to buy one. But what if we tell you you can buy a really cool flexible, rollable keypad in under Rs 500? Got your attention? So yes, there are awesome gifts you can get at a low cost and be the perfect Santa even last minute!

While most prefer buying their gifts online these days, you could check out these gifts online or offline. But with online stores, except for Amazon India, you don’t really have too many options as Amazon India is the only major Indian e-commerce portal that delivers within a day. So if you place an order today, you will surely get it by tomorrow and it will be in time for Secret Santa. Alternatively, you can visit stores and check out different options of the gifts and then buy one which suits your budget best. The advantages here are you can get the gift professionally gift wrapped by the store persons and won’t have to scratch your head over it. Here, we’ve brought some of the best deals online. So Secret Santa, get ready to impress! 11 Secret Santa gifting ideas to make sure you’re the best Santa ever!

1. Philips SHP1900/97 Over-Ear Stereo Headphone: Headphones are something we all use in our daily lives. On the roads, in public transport and even at home , we all love to plug in headphones and stream our own content on our devices. There are tons of headphones and headsets in the market but then, not all of them are as cost friendly. When it comes to over-the-ear headphones, they are generally more expensive. But then, there are some that are perfect for a lower budget too. Completely surprise your Santee with a pair of headphones that are nice as well as useful! But if not these, you can get any pair of good earphones for the price. But just make sure they work and work well or your Santee will only end up cursing you for a defective gift! 10 Worst Secret Santa gifts that you should never give to your colleagues and friends

2. SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 OTG Pen Drive: In this day and age, everyone is strapped for digital space and whatever your internal smartphone memory be, you just don’t have enough space for all you need. Giving a pen drive can be a great gift and make sure that your Santa blesses you for life. There are a whole lot of pen drives available but choose a OTG drive which means, the user can connect it to the smartphone too and transfer photos even from the smartphne with ease! Psst – if your Santee has an iPhone without the USB 2.0 port, this could be difficult as most of these drives do not support iPhone ports. Just make sure before you buy! But then, if you get the right one, your Santee will surely bless you for life!  9 Ways to be the perfect Secret Santa in less than Rs 150!

3. Enter E-S220 Mini USB Speaker: Just like headphones, speakers are an indispensable part of our lives. Headphones come with a lot of features these days but if they are portable then nothing like it. It just adds so much to our parties and trips. Every trip feels incomplete without music and speakers can add to the mood. Speakers are a good gift as generally everyone uses them at home or on their journeys and a good pair of speakers can be really fun to own. If your Santee is a music buff, then this gift will be the best for him her. It will definitely make you the best Santa ever! Just make sure that the speakers are working fine and check them before gifting. You don’t want to gift a defective piece, do you?

4. Bluebill Basic Micro USB Dock Charger: Everywhere we turn, we see people scrambling to charge their devices or complaining that their smartphones are not working. Gifting your colleague a charger that always stays on his or her desk and that can help him charge the phone instantly will be a blessing. It can seriously help resolve a lot of battery woes. A charger as a gift is always appreciated and it is definitely a gift that also has a lot of utility. You can choose from different types of chargers that are available in the market, depending on your preference and your colleague’s smartphone. But make sure the charge you buy is compatible with the receiver’s device or once again, it will be a gift that will go to waste.

5. Netflix Subscription: In modern times, the youth hardly ever watches TV. All they do is simply watch series online or follow their favourite channels on sites. You can simply give your Santee a one-year Netflix subscription which will make sure they don’t miss all their favourite shows and stay up to date with the latest. It makes for a really fun and a great gift, especially if your Santee is someone who religiously follows international as as well as Indian content online. The person will think of you each time he or she signs in and honestly, what other blessing do you want?

6. Paytm Recharge: We don’t really need to elaborate the benefits of this one move, do we? Simply, demonetisation. Transfer the amount into your Santee’s Paytm and watch their face light up this Christmas! Seems cheeky but definitely crazy useful! If they do not have a Paytm account, see if they have any other wallet and do a top up for them. It’s easy, absolutely instant and something everyone will appreciate.