Internet Service Provider (ISP) ACT Fibernet has just made a new announcement regarding its broadband plans. According to the announcement, the ISP has increased the speed of some of its broadband plans by 50Mbps. The company also clarified that this new upgrade does not come with any additional cost to the user. ACT Fibernet revealed that these new changes will go into effect starting from July 15, 2019. It is no coincidence that this change comes around the same time when Reliance Jio is planning to launch its JioGigaFiber Fiber to the Home (FTTH) internet service.

ACT Fibernet Broadband speed upgrade details

According to a report by TelecomTalk, the company has made speed upgrades to four of its plans. Another thing to note here is that these speed upgrades are limited the Chennai city. The ISP has not revealed any details about such upgrades in other cities. In the meantime, let’s focus on the details about the four plans in Chennai. ACT Fibernet will increase the speed of its ACT Blast Promo from 100Mbps to 150Mbps with a 1000GB Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit. The second plan to get the upgrade is the ACT Storm plan. According to the upgrade, this plan will now offer 175Mbps instead of 125Mbps along with a 1250 GB FUP limit.

The third plan to get this upgrade is the ACT Lightning plan. Here, ACT Fibernet will offer 200Mbps instead of 150Mbps along with a 1500 GP FUP limit. Last plan on the list to get this upgrade is the ACT Incredible. Here, the ISP will now offer 300Mbps speed instead of 250Mbps with a 2000GB FUP limit. It is worth noting that the speeds mentioned here are the maximum available speeds. Similar to any other broadband plan, the actual internet speed is likely to be slower than the maximum bandwidth.

It is worth noting that all these plans will have the same FUP limit as before. In addition to this, four of the plans will have a similar 1Mbps speed after the users cross the FUP limit. ACT Incredible offers 2Mbps speed after the FUP limit. Given the looming threat of Reliance JioGigaFiber, this is not the only thing that ACT Fibernet has announced in recent months. The ISP is likely to present more offers to stay competitive against JioGigaFiber and other rivals.