ACT Fibernet has revised its broadband plans in Bengaluru city. The company has increased the FUP limit on all the broadband plans. The company offers ten broadband plans in the mentioned city, and the revised plans are already effective in Bengaluru. Apart from the FUP limit, ACT Fibernet has also upped the speeds of plans by 25Mbps. Read on to know more about the new broadband plans from the company.

The broadband operator’s basic Rs 685 plan now offers 40Mbps speeds and 200GB FUP for a month. With this plan, users won’t get any bonus data. There is also an ACT Rapid Plus broadband plan, which will cost customers Rs 959. This plan ships with 75Mbps speeds and 350GB of FUP limit per month. You also get 1500GB additional data with this plan, unlike the base ACT Swift plan. Post FUP speeds of both the ACT Swift and ACT Rapid Plus will be 512Kbps.

Under Rs 2,000, the company offers around four plans. These include ACT Blaze, ACT Storm, ACT Lightning and ACT Incredible, priced at Rs 1,059, Rs 1,159, Rs 1,399 and Rs 1,999, respectively. With ACT Blaze broadband plan, customers will get 100Mbps speeds and 450GB FUP limit on a monthly basis. The second Storm plan gives 150Mbps speeds with 650GB FUP limit, while the Lightning plan will offer 200Mbps speeds and 800GB FUP limit. Both the ACT broadband plans are on a monthly basis. The last ACT Incredible plan ships with 250Mbps speeds and 1TB FUP limit. Additionally, new customers will reportedly get 1500GB additional data. This offer ships with all the four plans, and will be valid for six months.

There four more plans that ACT Fibernet offers. These include ACT Essential, Advance, Progress, and Giga. The first three broadband plans offer 250Mbps speeds and a FUP limit of 1.5TB, 2TB and 3TB, respectively. The last ACT Giga plan, which will cost Rs 5,999 in India, now comes with 3.5TB FUP limit. On top of the revised plans, “ACT Fibernet is also providing extra service for customers choosing the plans for a longer period,” Telecomtalk reports.