There is a new event live on the new Call of Duty: Mobile which is called the Airborne Chip event. This refers to the Airborne chip that was locked up until this day in the battle royale mode of the game. Players can now complete the challenges in the game event to receive this chip which will unlock a new specialist skill in the game. The Airborne specialist skill has an active which launches the player and teammates into the air and they use wingsuits to come down. The passive skill gives the ability to glide further.

Besides this the devs have talked about how they are looking to add controller support and more login options. The credit store has now been refreshed with new items as well. They even spoke about why they added bots in the game. Here’s their explanation.

Bots in COD Mobile

The devs speak that players made many different inquiries of all types about Bots in Multiplayer and Battle Royale. They explain that they added bots into Call of Duty: Mobile to provide a way for new players to grow, learn, and thrive without the constant threat of a full team of higher level & more experienced players continually dominating them.

Bots still provide a challenge while allowing you to learn the ins & outs of levels, test out new builds or weapons, and gradually increase your skill. Bots are not present in Ranked matches and in other modes. And as players grow in skill, they’ll encounter fewer and fewer bots.

The devs have spoken about the cheaters and how they are dealing with that as well. They say that weeding out cheaters is one of their priorities. To this effect players can report suspicious players and even notify the team on their Reddit thread. All the update notes can be found on Reddit here.