Telecom and Satellite TV provider Airtel Digital TV seems to have launched a number of new plans for its subscribers. According to new information that surfaced online, the company has likely launched five new base plans. These new base plans range from monthly to yearly in terms of validity. In addition, Airtel also seems to have updated the channel list for these packs on its website. Talking about the plans, the first in the list is the Oriya-WB Superstar HD monthly pack.

Airtel Digital TV base pack details.

The Oriya-WB Superstar HD plan amounts Rs 251 per month and includes a total of 303 channels. This includes 29 HD channels, 30 Hindi news channels, 26 Hindi entertainment channels, and more. The second base pack is My Plan Hindi HD with a total of 377 channels. This includes 14 HD channels, all the channels in the Oriya-WB Superstar HD pack and more. This plan amounts to Rs 295 per month for subscribers. The third new base plan is the Oriya Superstar 12M Pack which costs Rs 2,349 for the whole year. This includes 274 channels with likely no HD channels, 30 Hindi News channels, and more.

According to DreamDTH forums, the third pack in the list is the Oriya-WB Superstar HD 12M. It amounts for Rs 2,561 with 303 total channels including 29 high definition channels, and more. The last plan in the newly introduced base packs is the My Plan HD monthly plan. Users can subscribe to the pack at just Rs 340 per month. It comes with 396 channels including 33 HD channels and many more.

As noted previously, the report did not reveal the exact channel list. However, interested users can head to the Airtel Self Care portal to access the channel list. The report also clarified that these plans are only available for Airtel Digital TV subscribers. It also noted that the Rs 275 monthly, My Plan 199 Hindi HD offers the same channels as the new My Plan Hindi HD.