There’s a new offer for LG Smart TV users from Airtel Digital TV. It seems that the race in the DTH market is hotter than ever before. And all operators are not letting any chances up to take on the others. Airtel Digital TV is providing new offers for customers any chance they get including discounts on upgrade to new set top boxes. Besides these there are discounts on its new STBs. And the newest one is for LG Smart TV users who will get 6 months of free service. This offer is exclusively for LG Smart TV users according to a report by TelecomTalk.

This offer is only valid for a limited period between September 10 and October 30, 2019. And on top of that users cannot club this offer with other ongoing offers from Airtel Digital TV.

Airtel Digital TV benefits for LG TV users

There are other benefits that comes with this offer as well. And these include months of Dabang Sports pack combined with Value Lite (South) HD Pack at a discounted price of Rs 2,500. That means that the users are getting a discount of Rs 1,000 which brings the price down from Rs 3,499. There are other added goodies as well, these include Box, ODU, 10M Wire, Activation cost, Remote and an Adopter. This offer is valid for users that have LG TV models from 2017 to 2019 as well.

How to avail the offer

There are a few simple steps that LG Smart TV users need to follow to get these offers.

– To start off, users need to call the Airtel Digital TV number 81304-81306

– The Airtel representative on the call will verify the serial number of the LG Smart TV. (Beware they will know if it isn’t an LG TV model from the specific time)

– Once the serial number is verified users will have to provide their KYC details to the Airtel representative

– Once all this is done over the call the Airtel representative will visit the user’s house to install the Airtel Digital TV equipment and to collect the payment.