Airtel Broadband has revamped the bonus data offer. Previously, the company used to offer 1000GB bonus data with all the Airtel Broadband plans. Now, the internet service provider is giving additional data offer on a few Airtel plans. Currently, Airtel Broadband has four broadband plans. This includes Basic for Rs 799, Entertainment for Rs 1,099, Premium for Rs 1,599 and Airtel VIP plan priced at Rs 1,999 per month.

All the above mentioned Airtel plans come with bonus data offer, excluding the Airtel VIP plan. With the VIP plan, Airtel is already offering unlimited data to users, which is why customers don’t get any bonus data offer on this plan. Do note that the other three plans ship with monthly FUP limit.

Airtel Broadband plans in India

The company’s basic Rs 799 Airtel Broadband plan and all the other plans are available across almost all the cities where Airtel operates. The basic plan comes with 200GB additional data and up to 40Mbps speed. The Airtel Entertainment broadband plan, which is priced at Rs 1,099, ships with 500GB additional data and up to 100Mbps speed. There is also a Rs 1,599 Airtel VIP plan, which offers customers 1TB (1000GB) data and up to 100Mbps speed. Lastly, the Premium Airtel Broadband plan gives users 1000GB extra data and up to 300Mbps speed.

Notably, all the above-mentioned bonus data offer come with a validity period of six months from the month of credit. This offer from Bharti Airtel is pretty much identical to that of ACT Fibernet which is providing a total of 1.5TB extra data with six months validity in select cities. “There’s no limit on when you can consume the extra data as it will be added to your FUP limit itself, ” TelecomTalk reports.

Besides, its rival Tata Sky Broadband is giving up to six months of extra service for free on long-term plans. With a 12-months long term plan, users will get an extra six months of free service. This further means that you are getting an overall 18-months of benefits. With a 9-months Tata Sky broadband plan, one will get 4 months extra service for free. There are other Tata Sky Broadband plans as well, including 3-months and 7-months long term plans. It is important to note that the company is offering different plans and extra service in almost every city.