New Delhi: A productivity tool, Hassl, created by an Australian design firm ‘Your Creative’ has grown its user base in India by 400 per cent in the last 6-months without any advertisement.

“The growth has been entirely organic with no paid advertisement, it is being driven by word-of-mouth of the platform’s new, integrated approach to team workflows,” said Hassl co-founder and managing director of Your Creative, Lauren Crystal.

Hassl offers an intuitive platform that aims to change the way teams collaborate on projects by reinventing and simplifying the workflow.

It works as a single, all-in-one productivity tool that streamlines team workflow with a centralized approach that allows for project management, internal communications, and file storage.

“Hassl takes the place of several apps, requiring no integration so team members know exactly where to find the data they need to succeed,” she added.

Crystal was recently honoured as the 2019 Australian Emerging Leader Award Finalist.

Hassl received international recognition while exhibiting at Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston as a direct rival to the likes of Trello, Slack, and Dropbox as it combines all the features these applications offer under one platform.

The features Indian teams are using most are the task lists to streamline their project management and the chat system. Teams are replacing emails with Hassl’s chat system which allows instant messaging between individuals, groups and external clients.

Founders of Hassl were excited to gain a presence in the Indian market after thousands of Indian companies have signed up for a free account. They attribute the app’s popularity in India to its people-centric approach that increases productivity by offering one platform that synchronizes across all devices.

“We believe the growth in our Indian user base is largely due to the agile mentality of Indian start-up service businesses, making our product the right fit for the market. Teams are looking for a more efficient way to work, collaborate both internally and with their clients,” said Co-founder Mitchell Furlong.