Amazon recently added support for Hindi or Hinglish to Alexa, in multiple contexts, and varied regional accents and dialects. Users will just be required to select ‘Hindi’ in the device language settings. Now, the company’s virtual assistant also supports multi-lingual mode, using which you will be able to switch between English and Hindi when talking to Alexa. Notably, you will be able to switch between two languages without changing the setting from Hindi to English and the other way around every time. Also Read - This Indian-origin Lawyer has Dedicated His Life to the Cause of Amazon Forests

For example, if a user asks about the festival of Diwali in Hindi, Alexa will reply in the same language. If a user ask for information in English, Alexa will understand and respond in English. “This multi-lingual mode can be useful in Indian households where users speak both Hindi and English interchangeably,” Amazon said. Besides, users can also ask Alexa any question, play music, news, set alarms, provide sports scores, control lights at home, and much more. Also Read - Believe It Or Not: Man Buys Cow Dung Cakes (Goitha) On Amazon & Eats It, Then Posts Review

In the Hindi language too, one can ask the virtual assistant for diverse content. These include jokes, shayaris, games, Kabir ke dohe, Panchatantra stories, Bollywood dialogues, and even spellings of words in Hindi. In order to set up Alexa’s multi-lingual mode, existing Echo users can change their device language to English/Hindi. You will find the Language options inside the device settings on the latest version of the Alexa app.

Echo Show and Echo Spot users will be able to change language settings directly on the device by accessing settings after installing the latest software update. You can even ask Alexa to check for updates to ensure you’re on the latest version. Additionally, one can also ask for help with the setup (Alexa, how can I set up multi-lingual mode).

Separately, HP recently launched its Pavilion x360 notebook in India. The device offers support for Alexa in order to give you a smart PC experience. With this laptop, one will be able to control “Works with Alexa” products and manage their smart homes.  The app will work with the PC’s microphone and speakers. And for this, no other Alexa support device will be needed.