Amazon App Daily Quiz Contest January 10: Amazon is back with fresh episode of its daily app quiz. Today, the e-commerce giant is giving the participants a golden chance to win recently launched One Plus TV for free. The quiz began at 8 AM and it will continue through 12 PM.

The quiz comprises 5 set of questions based on the General Knowledge. The quiz is available only on the app and not on the desktop site.

Here are the five questions and answers for the day:

Q1. Which venue in Australia traditionally hosts the ‘Pink Test’ at the beginning of the year to raise money for breast cancer sufferers?
Ans- SCG

Q2. Who among these is NOT one of the four directors of the short film ‘Ghost stories’?
Ans- Anurag Basu

Q3. Planck’s Law and the Hypothesis of Light Quanta is a publication by which scientists born on 1st January who collaborated with Einstein?
Ans- Satyendra Nath Bose

Q4. January 4th is celebrated as _______ day, in honor of a Frenchman who developed a tactile writing system? (Hint: This invention is a blessing for blind people around the world)
Ans- World Braille Day

Q5. The name of which of this traditional Indian technique in the textile field comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to tie’?