Amazon App Daily Quiz Contest January 11: Your Amazon App daily quiz contest for the day is here. Today’s prize is the FiiO X1 ii Portable Music Player which you can win by answering all the five questions asked below.

The quiz begins at 8 AM and will be available till 12 PM. Also, it is available only on the Amazon app and not on the desktop site.

Here are your five questions for the day:

Question 1: Kambala, an annual race held in Karnataka, involves which animal?

Answer: Buffalo

Question 2: The apex court of which country recently became the first for holding the government responsible for climate action?

Answer: Netherlands

Question 3: Which of these major cities was the first to celebrate the start of the 2020 New Year and new decade?

Answer: Auckland (New Zealand)

Question 4: Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa are members of which family famous in the world of pop culture?

Answer: Simpsons

Question 5: The Republic of Macedonia added which word to its official name in 2019?

Answer: North