Amazon App Daily Quiz Contest January 7: The Amazon Daily App Quiz Contest for the day is here. Today’s prize is a Samsonite Polycarbonate Suitcase, which you can win by answer the following five questions correctly.

As always, the quiz will be available on the Amazon app between 8 AM-12 PM. Also, it is available only on the app and not on the desktop site.  Here are the five questions for the day:

Question 1: This actor, born on 29th December, fittingly bought a house named ‘Dimple’ from Rajendra Kumar, but then renamed it Aashirwad. Name him.

Answer: Rajesh Khanna

Question 2: Noor Ahmad was the youngest player to enter the auction for the 2020 IPL. Which country has he represented at U19 level?

Answer: Afghanistan

Question 3: Nicholas Cage (Hollywood actor), Eden Hazard (Belgian footballer and Real Madrid player), and Bipasha Basu (Indian actress and model) and Lewis Hamilton (F1 racer and current world champion) have one of the following things in common. What is it?

Answer: Born on same day (Today)

Question 4: ‘Mr Watson-come here-I want to see you’ were the first lines communicated through which medium? (Hint: Graham Bell invented this device)

Answer: Telephone

Question 5: In which of these sports did Jitu Rai rise to world no.1 in his category in July 2014?

Answer: Shooting