Amazon Prime Day 2019, the annual sale event from the e-commerce giant is just around the corner. As previously reported the company will offer impressive discounts and deals on thousands of products. In addition to discounts, Amazon India will also offer a number of bank offers, cashback deal and more to attract buyers. The company has also teamed up with a number of manufacturers to launch new products for the Amazon Prime Day sale.Also Read - OnePlus Nord 2 5G Launched in India: Know Price, Specification, Open Sale Date, Other Details Here

Just days before the Amazon Prime Day sale, the company has already revealed the offers that it will offer to Prime subscribers. We have already covered all the top deals for smartphones and televisions. Here we want to cover some important tips, and tricks that you can keep in mind to get the best deals during the sale. Some may be quite obvious if you are a seasonal online buyer. However, we will cover most things that a first-time buyer needs. Here are five things that you should keep in mind during the sale to get the best of the lot. Also Read - OnePlus Nord 2, OnePlus Buds Pro Launched in India: Live Streaming Link, Price, Specification And Other Details

Subscribe to Amazon Prime

First up is a very obvious thing, the thing being an Amazon Prime subscriber. Ensure that you are an Amazon Prime subscriber and the prime subscription does not end in the next two days. In case you are not a Prime subscriber then you can head to Amazon and pay Rs 999 yearly or Rs 129 per month. The reason we added this point is that Amazon Prime Day sale deals are only available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Also Read - Jeff Bezos Blue Origin Launch: Amazon Boss Lifts Off to Space on New Shepard Spacecraft

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2019

Amazon app on smartphone, banking and Amazon exchange offers

The second thing that you should do is to install the Amazon Shopping app on your smartphone. Amazon tends to launch a number of “App-only” deals that are not available on the desktop website. In addition, the Amazon app also works great as a notification hub. It can quickly tell you about a recommended deal and you can directly go about adding it in the cart and ordering it. Other modes to access Amazon’s deals are not as readily accessible for most people.

In addition to this, buyers should also keep an eye on all the banking offers will all the products. This will allow buyers to increase the amount of money that they are saving. These include the usual cashback, discount, or the no-cost EMI offers. Beyond this, buyers can also look at Exchange offers These offers are essential for recently launched products that won’t really get direct discounts.

Make a list of everything that you want to buy

Moving on, we recommend users to create a rough list of products that they want to purchase as part of the deal. This will make things easier for the buyer when the sale actually starts. The buyer can easily follow the list instead of looking at every category and then deciding on what to buy.

Amazon Prime Day Sale make lists

Enable notifications for recommendations, Amazon Assistant and Alexa

Another tip is to enable notifications for recommended deals on the Amazon app. Buyers can head to the “Notifications” section in the “Settings” inside the smartphone app. Here, buyers can use the toggles so that they get notifications about good deals according to their product browsing and shopping history. For desktop users, Amazon recommends installing “Amazon Assistant” on their browser. This extension will ensure that buyers are up to date with recommended notifications. Buyers with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices can also use Alexa to keep track of deals.

Track price and read reviews for a great deal

Amazon Prime Day Sale online shopping

We also recommend buyers to do is to use price tracking services such as Keepa or Price History or CamelCamelCamel. This will ensure that the buyer knows if they are actually getting a good deal or if the discount showcased on Amazon is a fluke. The last thing to do before they actually buy any product is to go through product reviews below the listing page. This will give them a good idea about the quality of the product.