New Delhi: The robotic voice of Alexa will soon be developed to express happiness or excitement and disappointment or empathy based on the questions asked by its US users, announced Amazon on Wednesday.

Alexa speaks in a happy or excited tone when, for instance, the user provides the right response to a trivia question. Similarly, if your favourite football team loses the game, then Alexa expresses in a disappointed tone, stated a report.

Earlier in January 2019, Amazon incorporated a newscaster-like voice in Alexa for its United States users. Besides, the latest version of Alexa also speaks in an Australian accent, stated Amazon.

Meanwhile, for Indian users, Amazon developers added Hindi or Hinglish voice to Alexa, in varied contexts, accents, and dialects. Alexa can speak in Hindi if users select the language option in the device settings. Besides, this multi-lingual mode update lets the virtual assistant switch between English and Hindi, stated a report. “This multi-lingual mode can be useful in Indian households where users speak both Hindi and English interchangeably,” Amazon was quoted by a report as saying.