Software giant Google has just rolled out the final version of Android 10, its in-house mobile operating system. The latest operating system is now available for installation on Google Pixel devices in the market. Beyond this, Essential has also rolled out the final version of the update for its Essential PH-1 smartphone. Other device makers including Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi and OnePlus have rolled out beta versions of their Android 10-based operating systems. A new update is all well and good but most updates come with their fair share of issued and problems.

Android 10 update issues

The Android 10 update for the Google Pixel device is no exception when it comes to issues and problems. According to Android Central, a number of Pixel owners have taken to the internet to complain about the problems. As per the report, some users are reporting lengthy installation times with the device stuck on the boot screen. There is no fixed duration as it is anywhere between 30 minutes to six hours. What is more concerning is the fact that this problem is not limited to any particular generation of Pixel devices.

As per the report, users have taken to the Google product forum to voice their concerns to the company. These users include original Google Pixel Pixel 2 series, Pixel 3 series, and even Pixel 3a owners. The report also added some potential workarounds this issue. First up, Google Pixel users can try and sideload the update on their smartphone and then try installing. You can head to the Android Developers’ website to get details instructions on sideloading the update.

Pixel users can also revert back to Android 9 Pie and then try again with the OTA update. Users will need to boot into the recovery mode to sideload the software. If you can’t enter the recovery mode, you can force reboot multiple times to boot back in Android 9 Pie. Once in Android 9 Pie, users can try again to install Android 10 on their device. If you are a Google Pixel owner and facing any installation issues with Android 10 installation, you can share details with us.