Google recently launched its latest Android operating system Android 11. Now the company is gradually rolling out this new OS to smartphones of different brands worldwide. Soon it will be available in all smartphones. After launching Android 11, now Google has introduced the Android 11 Go edition, which means users will also get fast speed in cheap smartphones. The company has announced that it has launched Android 11 Go Edition for smartphones with 2 GB and less RAM. This new version of Android, which comes for entry-level devices, will get better performance and new privacy features. Also Read - Google Launches Android 11 - List of Phones Getting Latest Android 11

In Android Go devices, security features such as one-time password and auto-reset permissions for apps running on Android 11 will be made available. Apart from this, gesture navigation support will also be available in the Android 11 Go edition. This feature is intended for large screen devices. Google has announced the launch of the Android 11 Go edition through its blog post. The company says that with the help of the new OS, cheap smartphone users will be able to easily switch between apps. The company also said that the Android 11 Go edition was first introduced in the year 2018 to give the experience of high-quality smartphones in entry-level devices around the world. Also Read - Shhh! Google May Launch Android 11 on September 8

Another feature that makes Android 11 Go Edition special is Conversations, which is under the notification feature. Due to this feature, the user will be able to reply to the message and manage it. Google has now increased the support of Android 11 Go from 1.5 GB RAM to 2 GB. By getting extra RAM, the devices will get 900MB more storage space and up to 270MB free memory. This means that users will be able to enjoy more apps and games on their devices at one time.

The Android 11 Go edition OS will prove to be extremely useful for users who do not want to buy a flagship smartphone with high-end specifications due to budget, or users who prefer to use an entry-level smartphone. Such users will now be able to take advantage of high speed. Android 11 Go Edition will be available from next month. HMD Global is the only company to update its devices to the new version. However, according to the new rule, it is necessary to have Android Go in the device launched from the next quarter with a RAM of 2 GB or less. In such a situation, it is expected that in the coming days we will get to see new Android 11 Go Edition phones in the market.