When Apple launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this year, they took 3,5 mm audio jack to coffin and thus company brought lightning EarPods and wireless AirPods to serve the purpose. The Cupertino giant was expected to ship the AirPods in October itself but announced a delay to that. Now, a recent report suggest that AirPods will not hit the stores anytime soon before January.Also Read - Apple Mac Event 2021: From MacBook Pro to MacMini, Here's What to Expect From Today's Grand Event  

According to a report on Digitimes, supplier of Airpods, Inventec will only begin shipments not before January 2017. Also with AirPods order, Inventec’s revenue is expected to shoot up by 7 percent next year. With reports speculating the dealy of AirPods, it become apparent that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users have no other alternative being provided by Apple but to use Lightning EarPods or the adapter bundled with the two phones. Apple keeps a good amount of yield handy, before making any product release. However, this time that doesn’t looks like the case here. The company was scheduled to ship AirPods in October but got involved in the MacBook Pro event, which took place in the last week of October and it announced a delay in the shipping. Also Read - Apple Airpods To Read Body Temperature, Monitor Posture in Future | Details Here

AirPods. introduced at the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, are wireless earplugs designed by Apple and runs on W1 chip enabling quick pairing and hand gestures detection. It is not a Bluetooth device, rather it uses a ‘Bluetooth-like’ technology developed by Apple. Once the AirPods are charged completely, can last for five hours. Airpods comes with a charging case, and it can be put to charge by simply putting them in the case. Apple claims that AirPods case are designed to store additional charge, to provide uninterrupted usage all day long, even without power-outlet. (ALSO READ: Apple iPhone 8 may have curved OLED display and wireless charging, says report) Also Read - Aptronix Opens 10 New Stores in Delhi-NCR, Ludhiana; Becomes Apple India’s Largest National Partner

An another report by Apple Insider claims, the company is looking forward to ship the Airpods by the end of 2016 itself, not delaying it till next year.

When hit the stores, AirPods are expected to be priced at $159, approximating at Rs 15,400 for Indian markets.