Apple Arcade, the iOS gaming subscription service from Apple has just added new titles for its subscribers. As part of the new additions, Apple Arcade subscribers can enjoy six new games. These include Guildlings, UFO on Tape: First Contact, Takeshi and Hiroshi, Sociable Soccer, Discolored, and Marble It up: Mayhem! The addition of these titles brings the total number of games to 100. Apple Arcade subscribers can enjoy these new titles on their iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Apple Arcade: Details about new titles

Now that we know about the new titles being added to the catalog, let’s talk about the games in detail. First up, we have Guildlings, a fantasy adventure game from Asher Vollmer, Jamie Antonisse, and Sirvo Studios. It tells a modern fantasy story from a mix of classic RPG, visual novels, and point and click puzzle games. As per a report from Polygon, it comes with text-style dialog options, beautiful art, and different abilities. The game developer has just launched the first episode of the game. The story will progress further in further episodes.

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UFO on Tape: First Contact is the sequel to the 2010 game, UFO on Tape. It sends players off in search of evidence of extraterrestrial life around their surroundings. Takeshi and Hiroshi is a mix of a short story and a game. The game follows Takeshi, an aspiring game designer. Takeshi has to design a challenging game that is interesting for his brother Hiroshi.

Moving on Sociable Soccer is a game that players can play on their smartphones. As part of the game, the player has to manage their roster, collect new players and upgrade existing ones. Players can manually play the game with touch controls or a controller, or watch a game as the manager. Discolored is a first-person puzzle game in a creepy black and white world. Players have to restore color in the world by solving puzzles. The more puzzles one solves, the more portions of the world open up. The last game in the list, Marble It up: Mayhem has players navigating their marbles through a series of obstacles.