So finally. After all those rumours and leaks, it has been confirmed that Apple is officially entering India as a manufacturer and not just a seller, anymore. Apple, in talks with Times of India, confirmed in a report that they are scouting locations for an Indian manufacturing facility and have settled on a location called Peenya in Bengaluru for their first ever Indian manufacturing plant. However, while Foxconn is so far the largest and most well known Apple manufacturer which operates out of China and some other regions, it is not Foxconn setting up a manufacturing facility but, Wistron, a Taiwanese OEM that will be setting up the plant and manufacturing Apple devices in the country. The production will not be restricted to only the smartphones but will even extend to other devices.Also Read - Apple's Smart Speakers HomePod Mini Goes On Sale, Available In New Color Options And Price | Checkout Video

Apple has long since been rumoured to set up manufacturing plant in India and finally, now that it is happening, there are a lot of reasons for Indians to cheer. The manufacturing unit is all set to begin production as early as April 2017 and that means, Apple devices launching in 2017-2018 might come with the Made in India tagline. However, initially, it will not be a full manufacture facility restricting itself to only certain products. But then, Wistron and Apple have both plans to make the facility a full-operational unit by the end of next year, meaning nearly ever Apple device and gadget will be manufactured in the country. This will definitely help Apple boost its position in India as while it is a loved brands, i holds only a tiny margin of the market currently in the country. Also Read - Apple Halts Online Sales in Turkey After Currency Crash

While the deal with Wistron in India is almost finalised according to industry sources, Foxconn is not far behind and also soon plans to set up  a manufacturing unit in the country. However, while the Wistron facility seems to be an exclusive Apple manufacturing unit, Foxconn has tied up with even other brands in India. Reportedly, Foxconn has already struck a deal with Xiaomi and OnePlus (both Chinese brands) for manufacturing their devices in the country. With Apple too entering the fray, it will be a shared facility and not an Apple-exclusive manufacturing plant. We recently read reports of Apple being in talks with the ministry of the country regarding permission for the manufacturing facilities and seeking financial incentives for the same. While there had been no words on the financial incentives approved, Apple seems to have struck a profitable deal as the manufacturing is set to commence soon, in the new financial year. Paytm deleted app from Apple store for update, to soon launch improved app up for iPhone users Also Read - Apple Watch Series 8 Leak: Apple Watch Series 8 May Look Like This, Checkout Designs And Specs Here | Watch Video

The Indian government has been pushing multiple brands to set up manufacturing facilities in India under their Make in India campaign. The campaign aims at providing incentives to international brands to set up manufacturing facilities in the country. Multiple brands have entered the country through the new government campaign and India had been pushing for apple to enter India since a long time. Finally, that the brand is all set to enter India, it also means that (hopefully) Apple devices prices in the country will reduce as the amount of import taxes and duties which Apple pays presently (almost 12.5 percent) will be dramatically reduced and thus, the devices will also be cheaper, in comparison. The rates will be similar to international rates, leading to lesser people buying the devices abroad. Well, 2017 is all set to bring in newer changes. let’s wait and watch what the new Apple facility brings in!