It looks like Apple is currently working on a new method for Apple iCloud beta login. According to the latest information online, Apple may soon allow users to use Face ID or Touch ID to log in to The company is currently testing these two methods in iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina beta. To see how the feature may work in the future, users can head to on their device and try and sign in. As mentioned above, the only requirement is that your device much is running the latest beta OS versions.

This new method of login was initially spotted by 9to5Mac and later reported by other websites. According to the report, after you visit the website, Apple will ask users to use their Apple ID to sign in to the website. The website will then use Face ID or Touch ID depending on the type of your device. The login page will indicate the usual Face ID or Touch ID indicator along with a tick mark on successful authentication. The web page automatically redirects to the beta version of iCloud after this.

Apple iCloud Beta login Face ID Touch ID login screen

Apple iCloud Beta login Face ID Touch ID authentication screen

Apple iCloud Beta login Face ID Touch ID login success

Apple iCloud beta login with Face ID and Touch ID benefits

Some of you may have already tried this new method by now. We have added some screenshots to present some idea about how this feature will work for the rest. Now that you have some clarity on how this new bio-metric authentication works, let’s talk about why this matters. According to the report, this new method does away with the mandatory two-factor confirmation (2FA). The 2FA method was a bit inconvenient for users who only had one single Apple device. In case of a single Apple device, users had to memorize or note down the 2FA code and then enter it to log-in.

The new method is more seamless and does not compromise privacy and security. This is keeping in view the claims about security and protection that Face ID and Touch ID provide. This new login method is also likely to be an early attempt to test the “Sign in with Apple” feature. For the uninitiated, the company revealed this new method at WWDC 2019 in June 2019. This new bio-metric authentication-based login is likely to even work on Touch ID-equipped MacBook devices.