Apple launched its newest iPhone 11 at its annual event last night, and as is the ritual with people, memes came into existence. And it seems the butt of jokes this time around is the triple camera system placement on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 Pro features a triple-camera system on the back that has been arranged in a triangle. And this sits on top of a rather large camera bump/platform on the top left of the phone. It is rather large and almost covers half of the width of the smartphone.

This according to some people makes the Apple iPhone 11 looks unappealing. And this prompted people to look for strange things to compare it to. From coconut to bowling balls nothing is being spared with this comparison cycle and meme making. The other feature that seems to be on the receiving end of memes is the new ‘slofies’. Apple has announced a new slow-mo feature for the front camera called ‘slofies’. And some people are just not impressed by it. Well, let’s just take a look at the memes themselves.