Apple iPhone, specifically the iPhone X is known to make notched displays a mainstream trend. Ever since the launch of the smartphone almost two years back, most Android device makers have tried to copy it. Some device makers have tried to break the mold by pushing for innovative takes to get rid of the notch. Though, these efforts have not really received the validation or the mainstream push from Apple. However, it looks like things may change in the future. A new report has indicated that the Apple iPhone 2020 is likely to reduce the size of the display notch on the top. The same report goes on to add that Apple may even push for an all-screen Apple iPhone in 2021.

Apple iPhone 2020 design details

According to Apple Insider, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicated that Apple iPhone 2020 will sport a smaller notch. Kuo went on to state that Apple was planning on using a smaller front-facing camera lens next year. The smaller-sized lens is likely to reduce the size of the TrueDepth camera array. Smaller camera array will then result in a smaller notch on the iPhone 2020. This will result in an increased screen size of the display in a smaller or similar form factor.

The report also noted that Apple was planning to redesign the Apple iPhone 2020. Though it is unclear if the redesign is related to the reduced notch size or something else entirely. It also noted that Apple is more likely to reduce the notch size with the current than directly removing the notch. Kuo revealed that the staged elimination of the notch is because of the current state of technology. He went on to add that Apple is currently working on a number of different solutions to remove the notch. These include under-display camera technology, camera and optics technology that can work through a display, and more.

The report stated that the new prediction by Kuo is not in line with information from other sources. In contrast to Kuo, Credit Suisse stated that Apple screen suppliers are working on full-screen displays. The same report went on to add that Apple may launch the iPhone 2020 with a full-screen display without any cutouts. Apple may also add a full-screen Touch ID solution along with an under-screen TrueDepth camera. Another report stated that Apple may launch a China-exclusive smartphone with under-screen Touch ID instead of a Face ID sensor.