Rumors of iPhone 8 to be launched in 2017 have been surfacing even before iPhone 7 was launched by the Cupertino giant this year. Analysts claim that Apple has been working on major design change with their next iPhone to be launched in the upcoming year. Now a recent report surfacing hints at Apple working on a bendable, foldable display in iPhone 8.

The Cupertino giant who has already got to much on their plate with Airpods and refreshed line-up of Macbooks are still to hit the store, Apple has already been gearing for their 2017 event, which also marks 10 years journey of iPhone after it was first launched in 2007. Apple is expected to announce major design changes with their next line-up of iPhone. The last major changes in design was noticed with the launch of iPhone 6 and its variants. The recently launched, iPhone 7 also carries similar design and looks as iPhone 6, which also left Apple fans a bit disappointed.

Apple filed a patent in 2014, which has been now granted and published online by the US Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) hints the company working towards revamping the design for iPhone. It is expected that Apple might launch iPhone with flexible display. iPhone 8 might not necessarily be sporting a flexible display, however this could only be confirmed with an official announcement.


The US patent tips at Apple experimenting with glass, ceramic, fiber to make smartphones and also reveals a major part chunk of the will be carried out using carbon nanotubes. The carbon nanotube will allow manufacture of flexible and crack-resistant iPhone.

A phrase in the US patent reads “An electronic device has structures such as substrates and internal housing structures. The substrates may be rigid substrates such as rigid printed circuit boards and flexible substrates such as flexible printed circuits, flexible touch sensor substrates, and flexible display substrates. Carbon nanotubes may be patterned to form carbon nanotube signal paths on the substrates. The signal paths may resist cracking when bent. A flexible structure such as a flexible printed circuit may have carbon nanotube signal paths interposed between polymer layers. Openings in a polymer layer may expose metal solder pads on the carbon nanotube signal paths. A stiffener may be provided under the metal solder pads. Polymer materials in the flexible structure may be molded to form bends. Bends may be formed along edges of a touch sensor or display or may be formed in a flexible printed circuit.”

Apple has been known for innovation and if the Cupertino giant is actually panning thing as the patent reads, then Apple might just bring a remarkable trend in the smartphone arena.

Also, patents filed and granted by a company and authorities are to ensure security of ideas and patterns developed by the company. So it stays uncertain, if Apple will bring the ideas the patent talks about in the iPhone 8 or some other devices in the future.

Bendable display smartphones are indeed the future of the smartphones, with many companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, LG are investing a good amount of time and finance under the hood working on concept devices in order to make it a reality soon.