YouTuber Michael Bennett posted a video on September 25 detailing a rather unusual discovery. As per the video, he found an Apple iPhone at the bottom of the Edisto River in South Carolina. The smartphone was present in a waterproof case, lying 10 feet below the surface for around 15 months. In an interview with local news channel WDAM 7, Bennett described the difficulty in locating the owner. As per the interview, Bennett was unable to unlock the smartphone as the device was password protected.

Apple iPhone at the bottom of the river

In his quest to find some information about the owner, Bennett took out the SIM card from the iPhone. He then inserted the SIM in a different phone and managed to get the contact information. After discovering the relevant information, Bennett returned the iPhone to the owner of the device. The report also noted that Bennett informed Erica about the retrieved Apple iPhone on September 17. It also highlighted that Erica Bennett, the owner of the device lost the device back on June 19, 2018. However, the interesting part about the entire incident was that the device still worked.

As per the report, Erica Bennett was “kind of emotional” on receiving the long lost device. She went on to explain that the device contained text messages from her late father. The video of the device did showcase some slight issue with the display brightness. Bennett also revealed that the phone case had “black erosion” over it when they took the device out from the case.

Bennett went on to add that he was happy that Erica got the conversation and interactions with her father. He further added, “I just try to find stuff from the past and things that tell a story”. We are not sure about the make and model of the device. However, closely inspecting the video, it is likely that it is the Apple iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6 Plus.

With inputs from IANS