A number of Apple iPhone users across the globe are getting confused with the Facebook app UI for a bug. The supposed bug likely comes up when the iPhone user is using the official Facebook app. The bug shows that the Facebook app is accessing the camera app in the background. As per the original report, this is only visible when the user is viewing a photo or a video on the Facebook app. A number of users have highlighted this bug across multiple iPhone models.

Apple iPhone bug details: A bug or a UX issue?

The original report is not sure if the supposed bug is related to iOS 13 or the Facebook app itself. The initial reports about the bug are a couple of days old. The report from ReclaimTheNet highlighted that the iPhone device running iOS 12 does not exhibit the same bug. People suffering from this bug noted that the latest stable iOS version 13.2.2 is suffering from the bug. In addition, common troubleshooting steps such as uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app have no effect on the bug.

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It could also highlight a problematic issue where the Facebook app is keeping the camera on in the background. Regardless, the discovery of the bug has caused alarm among a number of users. The report did outline a possible workaround for the bug in the meantime. To fix the potential privacy issues related to the bug, users can block the camera access to the Facebook app. Revoking access to the camera will still show a black area as the app tries to access the camera.

However, taking a closer look, it looks like this supposed bug is not really a bug. It looks like this is actually the Facebook app UI that seems to be accidentally showing the “Stories” section. We can see the “Facebook Camera” section UI elements on the camera page. The app seems to be opening the camera with the back gesture while checking images or videos. It is likely that the gesture may be a bug but that is likely to be fixed in future app updates. In the meantime, there seems to be no shortage of Facebook-related privacy issues. As noted in a recent report, the company gave special access to user data to a number of third-party services. These services include Tinder and other dating apps.