Just a few days back, we saw multiple Apple iPhone 6s users complaining of their handsets automatically shutting down or in smartphone terms, bricking up. Bricking up of a device occurs when the gadget in questions shuts down for no legitimate reason and refuses to turn back on. The issue with Apple iPhone 6s was initially reported by users in China where the authorities requested Apple to intervene and sort out the matter. While initially it seemed the fault was with just a few iPhones, soon, even other iPhone 6s users began to complain and the problem clearly looked a lot more grave than it initially seemed. The issue was not resolved through the service centers and for those with the affected devices, their iPhone 6s batteries had to be replaced as it was a battery fault and the problem could not be solved through an OTA. As the issue was only sparsely reported before, Apple did not take any steps to resolve the issue. But now, with complaints escalating, Apple has finally taken a step to resolve the bricking issue of iPhone 6s.Also Read - Man Orders iPhone 13 Worth Rs 1 Lakh Online, Receives 2 Cadbury Chocolate Bars Instead

Under the resolution, Apple is offering a free battery replacement for all affected iPhone 6s users. The users who are eligible simply need to check through Apple’s help website set up for the particular purpose and if their iPhone 6s device is eligible for a free replacement, walk into any Apple authorised store or Apple authorised reseller and get their battery replaced. This offer is not region specific and has been rolled out globally, which means even Indians are eligible for the offer. As India does not have Apple stores, the exchange for the iPhone 6s battery can be done through the authorised resellers. However, like always, the offer comes attached with a long list of terms and conditions and if any have been violated, then the users will not be eligible for the free replacement. Additionally, Apple is also offering a full refund or cash back to those users who have already had their faulty iPhone 6s battery replaced before the offer and paid for the replacement. For these users, they need to simply walk into the center they got their device repaired from, show the proof or share the device IMEI number and claim their refund. Also Read - Good News! Apple iPhone 13 Gets Massive Price Cut Ahead of Diwali | Details

Initially, Apple claimed that the issue is affecting only a few devices. However, with an increasing number of users complaining of the issue, Apple changed their stand and decided to look into the matter a little more in depth. After research, the Cupertino based giant announced that the issue has not been seen in all iPhone 6s devices nor is every device susceptible. The issue is seen only in those smartphones manufactured between September and October 2015. As Apple launched the iPhone 6s on September 9th and the device was soon up for sale by the 3rd week, the problem could be only in the early production handsets.  Generally, once Apple launches the new flagship of the year in the initial days, there is heavy demand and Apple has had to ramp up production in the past. It could be this high demand that led to the issue. But whatever the reason be (Apple has still not shared a valid reason for the fault), it is clear that only the early production iPhone 6s handsets are facing the problem. iPhone 6 now available for Rs 33,990 with an additional Rs 3000 discount on Flipkart! Also Read - Watch: Foxconn Unveils Three New EV With Up To 750 km Range

But how does a user check if his iPhone 6s smartphone is eligible for the free replacement? Apple has launched a tool for the same. They have created a separate page under their Support section on the Apple website where users can simply enter their iPhone 6s details to check if their smartphone is eligible for the free upgrade. Called the “iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues“, the page gives detailed information about the iPhone 6s battery issue, the replacement process, the procedure to be followed before and after the replacement and the terms and conditions. On the left of the  page, you have the option to click and choose your country. Once you choose the country, you get a box on the right where you need to enter your iPhone 6s IMEI number. To get the IMI number, open your iPhone 6s, Go to Settings – General – About and scroll down to get the IMEI number. Write it down or copy it somewhere and paste in the box on the Apple Support site. Once you do the same, you will get a message informing you if your device is eligible for the free battery replacement. After Jet Black, Apple to launch relaunch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in Jet White colour?

However, not all iPhone 6s devices will be eligible for the replacement. If your smartphone already has a defect, for example, if your iPhone 6s already has a cracked display or some software issue, you will not be eligible for this new offer. You need to first get your iPhone 6s issue resolved, pay for the same and only then can you get the free battery replacement. Additionally, the replacement if restricted to the country of purchase – meaning if you have purchased the handset from the USA, you cannot claim a free replacement in India. The program will cover iPhone 6s buyers for 3 years from the date of sale of the first iPhone 6s. Also, if a user is availing the battery replacement, he or she needs to take a backup of their device on cloud or other source as data might be lost. Also, the “Find My iPhone” feature must be turned off. You need to erase all data from your device before you submit it for the replacement service.