San Francisco: A recent research note from famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that Apple could launch their first ARM-based MacBook in 2021. Also Read - Apple Fixes Bug That Stopped Some iOS Apps From Opening

Like x86 processors from Intel or AMD, ARM designs are usually associated with mobile devices because of their greater power efficiency, giving products like the iPad long battery life without the need for active cooling. Also Read - Hackers Release 'Jailbreak' Tool to Unlock iPhone, Install Any Software on iOS

The analyst believes that by switching to ARM-based chipsets and not relying on Intel for processors, Apple could save as much as 40-60 per cent, reports The Verge. Also Read - Apple Cinnamon Cake Recipe: How to Make Apple Cinnamon Cake at Home? Follow These Simple Steps

The new processors are likely to add more hardware differentiation to the Mac machines over Windows PCs.

This would help Apple keep prices down, especially for their lower-end laptop offerings.

Additionally, Apple would start relying upon the USB4 standard that is aimed to unify USB Type-C and Thunderbolt protocols to deliver new computing experiences with faster data transfer speeds.

Kuo also mentioned USB4 support on Mac machines in 2022 and the iPhone maker is speculated to partner with ASMedia Technology for this.