It looks like Apple is all ready to start selling its products directly in the Indian market. New information hinted that the company “could start online sales” in India in the coming months. This comes after the Government of India eased its rules for foreign companies. The report revealed that these recent changes will benefit Apple and make the Indian market more attractive to foreign companies. In addition to this, the company is also planning to launch its first retail store in the country.

Apple online sales details

According to the report by Bloomberg, the government relaxed its rules on foreign companies including Apple. Now companies are no longer required to source 30 percent of production parts from local sources. Earlier, the government forced foreign companies to use 30 percent of the manufacturing material locally. This requirement was especially problematic for electronic companies as most devices and components were Made in China. Apple opposed the rules for quite some time now while lobbying to get the government of relaxing the regulations.

The new rules will also allow Apple to set up online stores so that the company no longer depends on third-party authorized entities. Apple can also set up its own physical store in the country following the change in rules. This move is great for Apple as the US and China are engaged in an escalating trade war. The report noted that these new changes in the investment rules can help boost Apple its position in India. Apple can increase its sales in India while building out an alternative supply chain to reduce its dependency on China.

The online store will allow Apple to provide a better experience to potential buyers. The report noted that the first-party online store “will be a big step forward” for the company. This will also help Apple counter the large counterfeit product market in India. This will also allow Apple to have complete control over its offline as well as online sale channels. We could also see more Apple online sales at the company likely goes on to compete with Chinese device makers. The company did not issue an official comment on the matter at the time of writing. As previously reported, iPhone sales dropped dramatically in 2018 and early 2019.