While Samsung and Huawei have already unveiled their foldable phones, Apple is expected to launch its foldable display phone in 2020. Previous reports suggest that the Cupertino giant could opt for a different approach in its foldable screen iPhone. Rumors are rife that Apple could go for a wrap-around screen, instead of a foldable phone that folds inwards. Now, an updated patent suggests that Apple is still working on wrap-around displays.

The brand has registered a continuation patent for the same tech. The patent describes an “electronic device with wrap-around-display.” The new filing mentions the ‘continuous loop’ of a glass display around a device – “a screen that would function on the front and the back of your iPhone,” TechRadar reported. Besides, Apple is not the only brand exploring this option when it comes to flexible displays.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi showed off Mi Mix Alpha phone that features a wrap-around screen, though it’s being labeled as a concept device. As mentioned earlier, the Mi MIX Alpha comes with a wraparound surround display. The “surround screen” wraps entirely around the device and meets the camera module on the other side. This also means that there are no side bezels or frame. Xiaomi claims that the phone has a screen-to-body ratio of 180 percent.

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Having a wraparound screen also means that there are no volume buttons. Instead, you have pressure-sensitive virtual buttons on the side of the phone. When the screen is turned off, the status icons such as network signal, battery charge level and more are displayed on the side. And if you are worried about mis-touch, Xiaomi has taken care of the same by using AI for accidental touch detection.

Apart from Xiaomi, Samsung is also reportedly registered a patent in April this year. The patent suggested that the South Korean giant was working on a device featuring a wrap-around screen that continues over the phone’s edge and onto the back of the handset.