Samsung has globally recalled their flagship device Note 7 after reports of phone battery combustion and burning to flames from around the world surfaced . This made an apt time for Apple to take over the otherwise agitated Samsung consumers, with their scheduled release of iPhone 7. When iPhone 7 was launched, the company had definitely expected a boom in their sales. But things have not completely turned out the way Apple probably expected. Reports surfacing now suggest that the Cupertino giant is struggling to meet demand of iPhones.Also Read - Aptronix Opens 10 New Stores in Delhi-NCR, Ludhiana; Becomes Apple India’s Largest National Partner

With iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 already been scrapped by the company, Apple only has iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 to offer to the consumers worldwide. Launched only last month, record units of iPhone 7 were brought in to boost Diwali sale and high demands among the customers, Apple is finding hard to meet it with their supplies. Also Read - Apple plans to launch an iPhone without any ports and iPhone SE 2 Plus with full display in 2021

Apple may ship another lot of over a million phones to meet demands till December, analysts suggest that sustained supply issues could hamper Apple’s plan to cash in on the absence of Samsung Note 7 in the market. Not only that, Apple also has a serious contender, with Google Pixel smartphones reaching the stores too. Also Read - Assembled in India: IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad shows locally made Apple iPhone XR

iPhone 7 Plus has been out of stock since the time it was launched, we get a few thousand units a week for the iPhone 7 but even fewer for the Plus,” said Subhash Chandra, managing director of leading mobile retail chain, Sangeetha Mobiles based in Bengaluru as quoted one Economic Times.

“World wide demand for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus significantly outspace supply, particularly on iPhone 7 Plus, and we are working very hard to get the new iPhones into the hands of our customers as quickly as possible.” said Luca Maestri in October. However, supplies in India are expected stabilize in a month, told executives at Apple to ET.

Apple has a tie-up with Flipkart for selling their products in India, and looking at the cummulative sales figures from various online retailers, 35-40 percent of the units were sold online. (ALSO READ: Apple iPhone 8, to be launched in 2017 might have a bendable display, hints official patent)

Analysts suggests if Apple find themselves unable to curb the supply issues for long, it might pose a problem to their fiscal year turn over. South Asian is considered to be one of the most important markets by Apple itself and they did ship higher number of units in October 2015, but it seems like Apple didn’t anticipated demands peaking so high.

Apple has also been gearing up for their next iPhone, could be iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 reportedly scheduled to be launched next year. This makes it apparent that the company has all their hands full and why they are struggling to meet demands. Recently, Apple also reported to be delaying the shipments for Airpods, initially scheduled to reach shores by October and now may reach to customers by January 2017. However an official statement from Apple is still waited on dealyed shipment of Airpods.