New Delhi: Good news for iPhone users. Currently, Apple has collaborated with the University of California, LA,(UCLA) and pharmaceutical company Biogen to work on a new feature that will detect the mental health conditions of the user. As per the report, the company will use the user’s biometric data to detect and notify them of their mental health condition. The project that falls under Apple and UCLA is named “Seabreeze”. Biogen and Apple collaborated project has been named ”Pi.”Also Read - Apple iOS 15 Now Available to Download on Various Apple Devices | All You Need to Know

As per the reports of the Wall Street Journal, Apple is likely to use the sensor data which comprises the sleep duration in a day, physical activities, movement, facial expression, and the manner in which a user types on their devices. Data such as the heart rate will also be collected in order to under a person’s cognitive decline. The new features is currently being tested. The University of California is already studying the levels of anxiety and depression using Apple Watch. Over 3,000 users have volunteered and provided their iPhone data for the study. Biogen, the pharmaceutical company is, too working on their trial. Also Read - Apple Watch 7 Series, iPad, iPad Mini Launched At Apple Event 2021: Specs, Price And More

The collaborated project was piloted in the last year 2020 where a total of 150 users gave their data to be recorded by Apple for the study. According to the Wall Street Journals(WSJ), the recorded data from the iPhone and watch sensor will be used by the researchers for conducting the studies. A set of questions will also be given to every volunteer about how they feel. Through this study, the cognitive impairment of the users will be detected. The giant tech company wants this detection feature to alert everyday users about their declining signs of mental health. Such warnings can help users to save themselves from being trapped in severe illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. Biogen and Cupertino-giant are likely to track a total of 20,000 people who have approached the project. Also Read - Apple iPhone 13 Series: Check Price in India, Full Specifications, Colours, Availability, Cameras

“The promise of detection tools for people with severe neurological or mood disorders is that you could intervene early and potentially prevent worse outcomes, Faraz Hussain, the lead developer at BiAffect, told WSJ.

Although such projects where the data of the users are consumed by the company, concerns on privacy issues are increased. Meanwhile, Apple has planned to address them. Currently, the company is working on an algorithm that works on the device but in offline mode.