Apple might launch a 16-inch variant of the MacBook Pro alongside 2019 iPhones in September. The Cupertino-based tech major will reportedly unveil the product at September event if “there’s no unexpected development issue.” According to IHS Market industry data (reported by Forbes), Apple is all ready with a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, and it is likely to launch later this year. The all-new 16-inch MacBook Pro reportedly has a target manufacturing date of September 2019. It is expected to ramp up production at a rate of about 250,000 units per month.

As per report, the resolution of 16-inch MacBook Pro will be 3072×1920 pixels, up from the 2880×1800 panel found in Apple’s 15-inch MacBooks. Referring to the launch of new 16-inch laptop, IHS Markit executive suggested that Apple will release it alongside new iPhones in September. The timeline is targeted if there’s no unexpected development issue.

“We foresee that Apple will release a new product [at the] Sep’19 Apple event if there’s no unexpected development issue,” Jeff Lin, Associate Director, Consumer Electronics at IHS Markit, wrote in an email to Forbes.

Apple recently refreshed the 15-inch lineup ahead of WWDC. The new 16-inch model is likely to sport the same LCD panel and not OLED. Also, these new panels will supposedly be manufactured by LG. Back in February, TF Industries Ming-Chi Kuo started off with the upcoming MacBook Pro leaks. He reported that Apple was working on a MacBook Pro variant with a 16-16.5-inch screen. Also, this new model will have a completely different design language.

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A recent report claimed that Apple will launch its 16-inch MacBook Pro along with iPad Pro tablets with OLED screens from Samsung. Apple uses these high-end screens as a selling point for its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. But iPhone sales have been slowing and the company may need other places to put those screens.