Apple Watch does it again. The wearable is being credited for saving yet another man’s life. This time, it reportedly saved the life of a 79-year-old veterinarian from Waco, Texas. It did so by notifying the man of a potential atrial fibrillation.

As per a report, Dr. Ray Emerson’s Apple Watch notified him of an irregular heartbeat, CBS Austin reports. After this notification, Dr. Emerson head over to the doctor where he had an EKG. This further led to a surgery at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center to correct the irregular rhythm. The report talks about Dr. Emerson joking how he was “too cheap” to buy the watch for himself. But now he views his Watch as priceless.

This is far from the first instance of an Apple Watch saving someone’s life. A US doctor recently saved a person’s life by using Apple Watch Series 4 on his wrist to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) at a restaurant. An user was recently alerted about his low heart rate by the device. It revealed a serious heart condition that ultimately resulted in a surgery to fix the problem.

Similarly, the Watch’s fall detection feature is also being credited for saving a man’s life. A man trecking in the US fell off a steep cliff. Detecting a hard fall, his Watch dialed 911. Another recent report revealed how the Watch saved a woman in Canada from potentially being raped. On seeing a figure moving around her home, she texted her boyfriend via her Apple Watch, who in turn called 911. The police then found the suspect hiding in the woman’s kitchen.