It looks like Apple is working on a new Sleep app for the Apple Watch. It is likely that the company is set to launch the device in the coming weeks. Twitter user, Daniel Marcinkowski, initially spotted a reference to the app for the Watch in an App Store listing. He found the reference for the unreleased app in the App Store listing for the pre-installed Alarms app. Taking a closer look, Apple accidentally added a screenshot of an unreleased version of the Alarms app with the reference. The actual text reads “Set your bedtime and wake up in the Sleep app”.

Apple Watch Sleep app details

As noted in a report from MacRumors, Apple is developing the sleep-tracking feature for the Apple Watch. This will allow users to track and monitor sleep quality via sensors within the Apple Watch. Currently, a user needs to download a third-party app to track their sleep. This comes after initial reports indicated that Apple was working on a sleep tracking feature called ‘Time in Bed tracking’. The company was expected to launch this feature along with the recently launched Watch Series 5.

Apple Watch Sleep App reference

Digging deeper, the “Time in Bed tracking” feature was aimed to give users the option to wear the Watch during sleep. The feature would allow Apple Watch users to monitor data such as heart rate, motion, and noise, for sleep quality. However, the company did not launch the feature with the latest Apple Watch. Though, the feature did not arrive with the latest Apple Watch 5 last month.

However, this new screenshot indicates that Apple may roll out this new feature in an upcoming software upgrade. It is also likely that the feature may come with some battery saving mode. This mode will ensure that the battery does not die when the user is sleeping while wearing the Watch. The information about battery saving mode is purely speculative as Apple has not shared any details about the device. The GPS-only version of Apple Watch Series 5 is priced at Rs 40,900 in India for interested users. They can also get the GPS and Cellular version for Rs 49,900.

With inputs from IANS