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Are You Dating A Bot? Tinder Users Seeking Help Via AI-Driven ChatGPT To Send Messages To Matches

Tinder users seek help through Artificial Intelligence-driven chatbot called ChatGPT to send messages to matches. Elon Musk was earlier part of the company OpenAI that made this Chatbot.

Published: December 18, 2022 4:45 PM IST

By Shrimansi Kaushik | Edited by Shrimansi Kaushik

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Tinder users seek help through AI-driven Chatbot to send messages to their matches.

Artificial Intelligence Technology: The influence of Artificial Intelligence driven technology is already beginning to show its impact on everyday lives of people. ChatGPT, a new chatbot developed by OpenAI interacts with users in an almost human-like conversation, giving answers to questions, even detailed ones, complete with historical facts.

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What’s more surprising is that it is now being used by those who are seeking matches on dating apps like Tinder. According to a Mashable report, Tinder users have created bots to swipe and message for them. The app has banned users who use this Chatbot, but it has come to the light that even this dating platform uses AI to generate conversation starters.

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The Tinder users who seek help from ChatGPT, are asking the chatbot for an opening message based on their interests. They immediately copy the result and send it to their match.

A user sought the chatbot’s help for a poem to send a six-foot tall woman he was interested in. The match messaged back acknowledging she loved the poem. Another example is of a TikTok user who asked for a weight lifting themed-opener for his match. The report stated that the receiver of the message was impressed and shared her Snapchat handle with the user.

There have been ethical concerns regarding the usage of AI bot for Tinder matches. One wondered what would happen if the match came to know that the messages meant for them were generated from Artificial Intelligence.

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Published Date: December 18, 2022 4:45 PM IST