Asianet Broadband is reportedly giving a 200Mbps broadband plan at Rs 499 effectively. The company offers customers a total of three broadband plans, including Rs 1,499, Rs 2,499 and Rs 2,999. All the mentioned broadband plans from the company ship with 200Mbps speed. The Rs 1,499 plan comes with two months validity, while the Rs 2,499 will expire after four months.

The Rs 2,999 long term Asianet plan with 200Mbps speed comes with a validity period of six months. The plan ships with an overall FUP limit of 1200GB, which further means 200GB is the monthly limit. The plan also offers after FUP unlimited data at 2Mbps speeds. This means even if exhaust the limit before time, you will still get 2Mbps speed for the remaining time until the FUP recovers. Overall, you are getting a 200Mbps broadband plan with 200GB FUP every month at Rs 499, TelecomTalk reports.

Talking about the Rs 1,499 broadband plan, customers will get 1000GB of FUP limit for two months or 60 days. This means that users will get 500GB per month. “Before the revision, the same Rs 1,499 Entry plan offered 500GB FUP limit, translating to 250GB per month,” the report stated. The Rs 2,499 plan includes 300GB FUP limit on a monthly basis. This plan will remain valid for four months, totaling 1200GB limit. Notably, the company also reportedly offers free cable TV service with all the mentioned broadband plans from Asianet. The company is soon expected to reveal more about the same.

Besides, just recently it was reported that Hathway Broadband is offering a 100Mbps Broadband plan for Rs 699.  The report also noted that Hathway has also tweaked its 150Mbps broadband plan to price it at Rs 1,499 per month. The move comes after Reliance Jio made its JioGigaFiber or Jio Fiber broadband service official. With the Rs 699 plan, you get 1TB data as part of the Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Beyond this, users can access data at a capped speed of 3Mbps. The same plan is currently only available in select cities.