New Delhi: In a major development, Tech Company Google has banned a total of 7 applications from the Play store after the detection of malware named ‘Trojan Joker attack.’ Tatyana Shishkova, an Android malware analyst at Kaspersky, reported that all the seven apps were infected with the ”Trojan Joker Malware.” After the flag was raised, Google who owns Play Store removed the seven applications. In order to protect the devices from such malware, we have listed down the names of the seven infected applications.Also Read - Apple CEO Tim Cook Greets Indians With Diwali Message

Here is the list of the applications infected with the Trojan Joker Malware Also Read - Zoom Plans to Add Real Time Translation to 12 Languages in 2022 | Check New Features

  • Now QRcode Scan (Over 10,000 installs)
  • EmojiOne Keyboard (Over 50,000 installs)
  • Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper (Over 1,000 installs)
  • Dazzling Keyboard (Over 10 installs)
  • Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer (Over 100 installs)
  • Super Hero-Effect (Over 5,000 installs)
  • Classic Emoji Keyboard (Over 5,000 installs)

To protect the device from theft, and losing data, users are requested to uninstall and delete the applications. Trojan Joker Malware is basically software that is made with the intention to cause damage to the devices. The Trojan malware targets the user’s device and makes money through fake subscription and in-app purchases. Cyber attacks have become a common practice. Users need to be careful while downloading any application when it looks doubtful.