New Delhi: In an aggressive attempt to offset its recent losses and attract new customers, the BSNL has brought back its Rs 777 broadband plan which will allow the consumers to enjoy 500 GB data at the speed of 50Mbps. The plan is only for the new BSNL broadband users for a period of six months. After that, users will be shifted to 600GB CUL plan which offers 600GB data and unlimited national calling. The plan will be available at Rs 999 per month.

The broadband plan comes with 500GB data allowance at speed of 50Mbps. Once the data is exhausted, users can continue with unlimited downloads, but at a reduced speed of 2Mbps. Under this plan, users also get unlimited voice calling benefit to any network across India.

The Rs 555 broadband plan (called Fibro 100GB) offers up to 20Mbps speed. The plan comes with 100GB data limit for the month. Once the daily data is exhausted, the speed will come down to 1Mbps.