Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has just revamped its prepaid broadband plans. In total, the telecom company has revamped 10 prepaid plans with new price and benefits. These 10 plans in question include eight broadband plans, and two FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) plans. As per reports, these changes are a response to Reliance Jio with its JioGigaFiber. Overall, BSNL has increased the monthly charges of all the plans with increased call benefits, per-day downloads. The company has also improved the speeds that it will offer after the user crosses the FUP (Fair Use Policy) limits.

BSNL prepaid broadband plan details

First up, the company has increased its base plan from Rs 299 per month to Rs 349. The revamped plan will provide up to 8Mbps data speeds for 2GB data per month. After the 2GB cap, the speeds will be reduced to 1Mbps. Calling benefits have been improved up to Rs 600 per month instead of Rs 300. BSNL has also increased Rs 549 plan to Rs 599 per month. It has also increased daily data limits to 4GB instead of 3GB. The revised data speed post FUP will be 2Mbps instead of 1Mbps in the past. Talking about call benefits, users will get unlimited calling for 24 hours per month, an increase from calling benefit worth Rs 700 in the past.

The company has not made any changes to the data or calling benefits of its Rs 675 plan. Instead, the only thing changed here is the price from Rs 675 to Rs 699 per month. It will feature 10Mbps speeds, 5GB daily FPU limit. Talking about the next plan, BSNL has increased the price of Rs 845 to Rs 899. It also comes with increased data limit per day to 12GB from 10Mbps at up to 10Mbps.

Rs 1,199 has been increased to Rs 1,299. The company has also increased the data limit to 22GB at up to 10Mbps from 20GB limit with rest of the benefits untouched. The Rs 1,495 plan that has been increased to Rs 1,599 plan with new FUP limit to 25Mbps instead of 20Mbps. BSNL has also upgraded its Rs 1,745 plan to amount Rs 1,849 with 30GB data per day at 16Mbps. The plan also comes with an upgraded FPU speed of 4Mbps. Lastly, Rs 2,295 plan is now priced at Rs 2,349 with 4GB FUP limit

Prepaid FTTH plans details

After covering the regular broadband plans, let’s focus on FTTH plans. According to a report by Gadgets Now, The Rs 777 FTTH plan has been increased to Rs 849 with new 600GB per day data download limit. Last but not least, the Rs 3,999 FTTH plan has been increased to Rs 4,499 with a new 500GB download FUP limit per day. The information about the changes is not new as we reported details about three new plans last month. However, the entire revamp of 10 plans gives us some scope of what BSNL is aiming at.