Activision and TiMi Studios have just teased incoming Black Friday Deals for Call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile is the latest Battle Royale smartphone game to go viral online. The game developers added a splash screen in the game to tease the upcoming Black Friday discounts on in-game items. In addition, the teaser splash screen also hinted at up to 90 percent discounts. It also noted that the sale will start in one day which likely means November 29. The splash screen also indicated the different types of in-game items available for sale. These items include guns, characters, lethal and tactical grenades, and vehicle camos.

Call of Duty Mobile Black Friday Sale deals

Digging around in the in-game store and deals section, we stumbled on two Black Friday Sale deals available for players. Both the deals are available in the section below the “Store” button on the left corner on the Home screen. The first offer under the “Big Deal 60% off” provides a special gift box to players. This will contain 80 CP (COD Points) and one Season Golden Crate. Users will get a chance to get a number of weapons and Credits. This deal is priced at Rs 79 and will end in six days.

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The second Black Friday Sale deal is the “Big Deal” priced at Rs 249. This will give users three items as part of the package. These include the Type 25 – Deep Shark Assault Rifle, Leamon Drop Candy skin Parachute, and Dream Glacier skin Frag Grenade. This deal is set to end in 7 days. It is likely that the game developer will roll out more Black Friday deals tomorrow. The up to 90 percent off may likely offer some interesting deals to COD Mobile players.

This sale comes just days after the game developer kicked off Season 2 of the game. It also comes just a week after the company rolled out its new Zombie mode. The Zombie mode update comes along with the first major update for Call of Duty Mobile. Taking a closer look, it is the second update for the game since the launch.